Frequently Asked Questions

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Does South Hills Medical Weight Loss Center's services include surgery?

No, our medical weight loss services are strictly utilize a non-surgical approach for losing weight.

What services are offered by South Hills Medical Weight Loss Center?

We offer a fast track program, lifestyle change program, and body contouring program. We additionally offer lipo-laser, lipo-plus injections, an HCG program, and more.

Are these services considered safe?

Absolutely! Our medical weight loss services are safe and effective in helping you reach your weight loss goals, and helping you improve your overall health. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can be an excellent way to reduce symptoms from chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure.

How are these programs different from traditional weight loss?

Oftentimes in traditional weight loss plans, people are left to determine their own progress and discipline without insight from knowledgeable professionals. South Hills Medical Weight Loss Center includes medical supervision, physical evaluations, and metabolism-boosting medications to help you lose weight or better contour your body in problematic areas.

Is exercise a requirement?

While not required, it is recommended to expedite weight loss results.

How overweight does one need to be in order to use these programs?

You don't need to be extremely overweight at all. These programs are for those who want to improve their current health or lose weight, which is why we also offer programs for toning and contouring your body as well. Our highest priority is the health of our patients; if our physicians don't feel that you would benefit from a personalized weight loss plan, we would inform you as to why.

What is the cost?

Because the plans are personalized, the costs may vary from person to person based on your individual needs. The best way to determine pricing would be to contact us regarding your weight loss goals at 412-564-6400, or via our contact page .

​Will my insurance cover this?

Depending upon your insurer, your insurance plan may be accepted. To inquire about your specific insurance plan benefits, you may call us at 412-564-6400, or reach out to us via our contact page .